Vibrational Aura Mist Formula (VAMF)

Vibrational Aura Mist Formula consists of 21 potent formulas, that have the strength and depth to facilitate you through the complex issues you are facing in your life, elevating you to a new level, and assist you to let go of whatever that is holding you back. Each exquisite blends frequency and aroma is formulated to work with your individual needs.

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Vibrational Aura Mist Formula are aromatic essences that are a self-care.”LIVE CHANGING,FAST TRACK”

  • Need clarity,focus insight.
  • Direction
  • Emotional baggage weighs you down
  • Tedious behavior patterns stifle you.
  • Feel stuck,frustrated,out of balance
  • Going through a rough patch
  • Life is working,but you feel as though a rough patch
  • Life is working, but you feel as though something is missing.
  • You want your relationships to be better.


  • MindSet Mastery : BREAKTHROUGH…your minds blocked crevices and discover gold
  • Soul Mastery : ENRICH…your life, gently stir and delicately blend the true essence of your soul.
  • BEHAVIOUR MASTERY : FREE….yourself for your ‘’Inner Beauty to shine’’
  • Life Area Mastery : UNLEASHED…your power important key areas of your life an succeed.

MECHERLHERBS VIBRATIONAL AURA MISTFORMULA consists of 21 potent formulas and has the strength and depth to facilitate you through the complex issues you face in today’s world, elevating you to a new level, as they uplift and assist you to let go what is holding you back and causing you to sabotage your life. Each exquisite blends frequency and aroma is formulated to work with your individual needs.


They provide the exact mind, body alignment opportunity necessary for the precise shifts to occur within your psycho-physical makeup. Empowered behaviors and positive ways of responding become evident rather that just shuffling papers, ie-re-arranging your blocks or issues and not eliminating them


They comprise of a power packed synergy of natures finest life-giving ingredients and beautiful aromas, consisting of a delicate blend of therapeutic grade pure essential oils and essence extracts that are the exact distinctive balance of up to 100 ingredients and are precisely formulated. They are further enhanced with a quantum energy philosophy and technology. Free from chemical, & synthetic emulsions, 100% pure natural/organic, no ingredients are tested on animals.

Each aromatic essence is made with the highest care and prepared to ensure that the beauty and potency of these divine blends are protected, they are unique and innovative, comprehensive, eco-friendly and holistic.

It also acts as a catalyst to open and align you profoundly, it is gentle , energetic , nurturing to life’s evolvement


You could D-I-Y- self-care for all ages , children and also an infant.

Targets personal needs.

Anytime/anywhere, all day and every day.

Convenient and easy.


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